Best Outdoor Dog Cameras

Things You Should Know About Outdoor Dog Cameras

Dogs cannot be left unattended, that’s why it’s more than reasonable to install indoor and outdoor dog cameras. In case you are ready for this step, this article will be tons of helpful. Today, we’ll focus on the best outdoor dog cameras on the modern market and how to pick them. Keep in mind that they differ from ordinary security cameras.

The main criteria you should pay attention to when making your choice

First of all, it must be durable. No matter how windy or rainy the weather is, your camera should work fine. So, you’d better check if it adapted to various climates and weather conditions before you make a purchase. Another factor is the temperature range. Unlike the indoor options where the temperature is relatively the same all year round, it’s more complicated with the outdoor options. For instance, if you live in a region with hot summers and freezing winters, the temperature range needs to be much wider.

Another criterion in choosing the best outdoor dog camera is performance. Get the device that works 24/7 and delivers HD image day and night. It’ll be twice as useful if it has motion detection and starts recording only then. Some models offer you set the video recording time and save the corresponding pictures. In this category, you should also decide the view angle you want. Most ordinary outdoor cameras offer 90-120-degree angle viewing. This is where you make your choice based on your expectations and preferences. Other things you might want include:

  • Digital zoom,
  • Infrared lights to see in the dark,
  • Zone monitoring, etc.

You must think about the features you expect to get and pick the model that completely corresponds to the requirements. Finally, you’d better think about storage options. Every camera needs to store the video recordings somewhere. It can be a TF card, the cloud, etc. Think about which option is more convenient for you and find out if you can download the videos to your smartphone as well. You may also look for a combined option and enjoy the advantages of both storage places.

The best outdoor dog cameras share very similar characteristics and price range. Yet, each of them has something unique to offer. Learn everything about the model you want to buy to make sure you get all the features you desire. Remember to account for the price to stay within your budget.

The top choices on the market

One of the popular brands is Cleverdog. There are many different models in a wide price range. The top choice is Cleverdog DOG-6W Outdoor 120° Wi-Fi/IP Night Vision Camera. It’s not only waterproof and reliable but also has two-way audio as well as HD imaging.

Another popular solution will come in handy if you have dogs in locations where the home Wi-Fi can’t reach. Get Reolink Go and you are sure to be amazed by its convenience. It stands out offering a wire-free battery-powered security camera that you can attach to a tree and connect via 4G. Pick Reolink C1 Pro since it’s one of the best choices on the market. The key features you’ll love include the 1440 HD quality, two-way audio, night vision, a dedicated app for your smartphone, motion alerts, etc.

If you know your dog can do something unexpected, hilarious or crazy when you are not around, installing a camera is a great idea.