Modernize Your Company With Hosted Record Management Solution

Without reliable and effective management of records and data, it is impossible to ensure the integrity and effectiveness of the corporate structure. Using a fully integrated software solution like a virtual data room for collecting and consolidating confidential information will transform your business.

The necessity of hosted record management solutions for modern business

In today’s distributed enterprises, document distribution, accessibility requirements, and the need for collaboration are growing exponentially. Information materials of high value are created daily, posted on global networks, and distributed to various professional groups. In the Web era, formalized documents accessible only to specialists can no longer serve as a repository of corporate knowledge.

Today’s businesses require a truly distributed document management architecture, one that meets the following requirements:

  • Scalable, reliable, and manageable for cost-effective enterprise deployments.
  • Automatic support for distributed management of various information materials throughout their entire life cycle, from creation to review, approval, distribution, and archiving.
  • Flexibility to control access to the full range of documents, from email to discussion databases, from video clips to formalized documents of all types.
  • The ability to provide instant access to documents through Web browsers, desktop applications, and other public client types.
  • An open, extensible architecture that allows organizations to first rapidly expand their document management platform in response to new business objectives such as records management and secondly integrate records management with broader strategic initiatives such as Knowledge Management.

Virtual data room – a win-win solution for hosted record management

When you have to think about the smooth and coordinated management of all levels and departments in the company, it is best to provide a structure in advance to keep strict records and update the data without unnecessary costs or unjustified efforts. With the help of detailed statistics and expert analytics, based on the results of the actions and processes used, it is much easier and more efficient to reach business conclusions and accurate conclusions in the operational adoption of specific decisions. In this case, a digital data room platforms are a perfect alternative.

Virtual data room ensures a records management solution that automates processes, quickly integrates information across multiple IT systems and greatly simplifies internal and external communications.

The software is an innovative records management solution that allows customers to quickly build a link between paper and electronic systems, while significantly increasing the level of business process automation and integration.Data room provides transparency in obtaining, searching, and managing all types of business information placed on paper and electronic media

VDR infrastructure includes three categories of solutions:

  • data infrastructure – data integration and storage tools (data warehouses, relational and multidimensional databases, tools for extracting, transforming, and loading data, data quality assurance tools, data modeling tools);
  • analytic infrastructure – reporting tools, analysis, integration with spreadsheets and other personal systems, data mining tools, dashboards, real-time monitoring tools;
  • IT infrastructure – servers, technical means of data storage, computer networks, operating systems, computer systems management tools, applications for planning and analyzing the use of computing power.

When using VDR, a single database is created on the server, which allows companies to securely store documents, organize them and quickly find the information they need. At the same time, the most important principle of the data room is implemented: the document is stored in a single copy in a place well protected from unauthorized access.

Document management is only part of a global system of which simple file storage can be a part. In their development, such systems tend to embody the ideal – a knowledge management system, usually at the corporate level.