Avast vs TotalAV Antiviruses

The issue of security was always among the most important for people and significantly increased with the appearance of PC and mobile devices. The desire to protect vital information also motivates swindlers to expand the potential of cheating tools to reach such data. In this case, using reliable protection software became an obvious step, and in this article, we will compare Avast vs TotalAV as rather widespread ones with similar opportunities.

Scan Possibilities

Both Avast and TotalAV present the same set of functions that suggest to their clients. Of course, real-time antivirus isn’t a new feature like the manual virus scanning opportunity, but both companies provide reliable tools for this. However, other possibilities like USB virus scanning show an expanded sphere of the security that is needed in recent times. There are also some additional features to make scan opportunities more comfortable, where registry startup scanning or a scheduled search of potential danger are well developed and can be useful.

Security Specifics

The variety of threats that can attack your device is massive. Moreover, swindlers use diverse methods to reach needed information, which means that modern antiviruses have to be ready for it. Both TotalAV and Avast possess most of the security tips, but some aspects are different. Thus, popular companies developed protection from spyware, worms, trojans, rootkits, adware, and phishing, which sounds perfect. However, Avast cannot suggest protection during chatting, while TotalAV can. On the other hand, Avast offers protection from spam and suspicious incoming emails, which is impossible during using TotalAV.


This is another aspect where almost all the antiviruses present the same approach. Thus, Windows and Mac are underlying software that should be available not only for antiviruses but for other developing products. However, the issue of gadgets compatibility now is also vital, and here the difference took place. TotalAV presents their product to both Android and iOS devices, while Avast isn’t available for the portative gadgets made by Apple. It should be taken into consideration if someone wants to protect different hardware.

Additional Useful Tips

This review item also shows that companies present a quite different set of tools, but the overall decision is harder than in the previous passage. Powerful firewall, developed VPN service, device optimizer, and protection while browsing, all are available on Avast and TotalAV. On the contrary, both antiviruses cannot suggest parental control, which sometimes a needed feature. Finally, the difference comes from gamer mode and device tune-up, as the first function is offered only by Avast, while the second feature is the superiority of TotalAV.

Support Level

When the talk is about antiviruses and the safety of digital devices, quick and appropriate support is a must. TotalAV and Avast present a broad QA rubrics, but if it cannot help in dealing with some issues, they offer to contact them. Clients of both companies can choose email variant and phone calls, while live chat is suggested only by the TotalAV team. It is not a critical difference, but an extra option of help is always pleasant.


Without a doubt, it is one of the most critical aspects of making a final decision. However, in the case of TotalAV and Avast, it is quite hard to compare those aspects. The difficulties appear even after quick review as Avast presents longlasting offers and reduce the price with the increase of needed devices for protection. TotalAV suggests a few variants, but those offers provide a different level of security. In this case, comparing concrete numbers is impossible, but potential buyers know what to expect at least. All in all, one can try both products as companies present a 30-days money-back variant before making a final decision.