Avast Online Security review

Internet resources hide a lot of threats to user data and his computer. However, safe surfing the Internet is possible with a new plugin from Avast!

Avast Online Security is a plugin for Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge and Opera web browsers. It allows displaying a safety rating, i.e. reputation of websites when searching in popular search engines. The safety rating of websites is based on the Avast user community. And also provides protection by directly visiting the Internet resource.

What can Avast Online Security give for you

The plugin is designed specifically for safe work with Internet resources, so there are many options for online protection.

  • Antiphishing protection: detailed scanning of visited websites for malware and phishing prevention
  • Disable tracking: lock hidden surveillance of user activity. This also includes blocking social networks and tracking ads.
  • Cite correction: a function to identify and correct incorrectly typed URLs with redirection of the user to the correct site.
  • Safe Zone: the user enters SafeZone when opening confidential financial files.

In addition, Avast Online Security review provides additional security services, such as:

  • Displaying security rating, the reputation of websites while visiting
  • Ability to vote for the reputation of the visited website and determine the category.

Also, an additional feature of Avast Online Security is to detect errors in web addresses entered manually in the address bar of the browser, and automatically correct them to the correct value

Why this plugin is useful

Avast Online Security makes internet surfing safe and productive. With this plugin, the user will receive only secure search results without getting to suspicious sites. Some resources on the Internet continue to monitor users even after they have moved to another site. Among such resources may be social networks, for example, Facebook, advertising services, like Google Adsense, and frankly fraudulent projects. The Avast Online Security add-on provides users with the ability to detect, and if necessary, block such types of tracking. So you protect yourself from:

  • spies
  • account hacks
  • intrusive advertising
  • social network surveillance

And everything is completely free for any browser and computer.

Disadvantages of Avast Online Security

Please note that the plugin has its own nuances in the work. So, a user may find that Avast Online Security:

  • Conflicts with some other add-ons
  • No blocking of sites for choice
  • Some features are incomplete.
  • Slows down the work of some browsers.

Thus, although the addition of Avast Online Security is a useful tool for increasing the security level when surfing the Internet, nevertheless, many users name it as incomplete and conflicted with some other browser modules.


Performing surfing on the Internet, and moving between numerous web pages, it is likely to expose your computer to all sorts of risks. Users for security reasons, and just for the sake of interest, want to know the sites with which reputation indicator they go to. This information can be provided by Avast – Avast Online Security.

Avast Online Security browser add-on comes bundled with Avast Antivirus and is installed on browsers when installing this program. This utility provides a high level of protection when surfing the Internet, and provides information about the reliability of visited sites.

Currently implemented the ability to connect add-ons to the following popular browsers: IE, Opera, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome.

The utility is definitely useful if you want a secure network for yourself. The fact is that it allows you to protect yourself from phishing, find and even correct errors on sites, vote for and against resources, and much more. Despite the many advantages, many users have noted that the utility has not yet been finalized. So, the option may slow down the work of some sites or conflict with other add-ons.