Turbo VPN Overview

Turbo VPN is being operated by the company based in China. They have almost 50 million worldwide mobile downloads as for this only available for mobile devices. The free administration gives you access to nine servers across North America, Europe, and Asia, and there are no bandwidth points of confinement or limitations to keep you down.

Turbo VPN Overview

We would trust that a VPN supplier would have the technical mastery and attention to detail to legitimately manage the security of its own site, at the same time, well, apparently not.

Download and install the app, anyway, and you’ll see it incorporates ads, however, that’s nothing unexpected ? on the off chance that the administration will be any use, at that point cash has to change hands eventually.

Privacy of Turbo VPN

Turbo VPN’s privacy strategy has a small amount of information on the data it does and doesn’t gather, the vast majority of which is exactly what you’d anticipate.

The approach explains that Turbo VPN is a ‘no-log network’, stating: “We don’t gather any information regarding the sites you visit or the IP addresses assigned to you when you access the Turbo VPN Private Network, and as for our VPN administration, we don’t gather any data stored on or transmitted from your gadget, including any data that applications on your gadget may transmit through our network.”

Turbo VPN App

Turbo VPN’s Android app installed like a flash, and immediately offered us a ‘7-day free trial.’ This was not all that much – simply the usual ‘create a Google Play membership and you’ll be charged after seven days’ – however it does at least allow you to attempt the full administration.

Turbo VPN installed without trouble and was ready to go inside a couple of moments.

The interface is intended for effortlessness, and even total amateurs will make sense of the basics immediately. Snap the Connect symbol and the app aims to associate you to the fastest server. Snap a red Close button when you’re set, and the association is shut.

Netflix on Turbo VPN

While the Turbo VPN app claimed it could give us access to BBC iPlayer, this didn’t work for us. In VPN battle at the beginning of 2019, we found Turbo VPN. It took second place after PureVPN, which description you can find in PureVPN Review. We’re uncertain exactly why, however, as it recently complained that ‘the substance doesn’t appear to work’, rather than recognizing a location issue, so it’s conceivable it’ll work in different situations.

We had more accomplishment with the less-ensured YouTube, where Turbo VPN’s US servers gave us speedy access to US-just YouTube content.


Our performance tests showed generally underneath average outcomes. Our local UK associations managed 15-25Mbps downloads. Changing to other European servers ? France, Netherlands, Germany ? saw speeds fall to 10-15Mbps. US associations attempted to 3-5Mbps, and the India server averaged 7Mbps. That’s a fraction the speed we would expect from a full-quality VPN.

Turbo VPN Cons

Turbo VPN is not even close as bad as a portion of the other free VPNs we’ve audited.

  •         They’re stunningly better than some paid ones, too.
  •         But on the other hand, they’re a far cry from the higher class like ExpressVPN.
  •         A moderate association speed and questionable logging strategies start off a plethora of problematic issues.
  •         Turbo experiences being a versatile just application, as most current VPN users want protection while surfing the web on their PC, streaming gadget, and gaming console as well.

Final verdict

Turbo VPN functions admirably as a basic free administration for basic site unblocking, perusing and video streaming needs. It doesn’t have the speed, features or platform support to rival the huge name VPNs, however, and demanding users will be vastly improved off somewhere else.